Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh man this weekend was long! Spent some time with friends, had a delicious lunch with Rachael at Little Saigon, hung out with Amber & Nan, and spent way too much time with family. We had several celebrations to attend and we got some really awesome stuff for Easter-excellent candy (of course ), the cutest little bunny flash drive, a spoon ring, lots of cards, an excellent brunch, shirts, ties, and all sorts of other goodies. We made another batch of banana bread this weekend and it's more delicious than the first one. Right now I'm about to take over the most awesome birthday present ever (Kyle & I have been taking turns working on it) and finish this episode of True Blood.


Friday, April 22, 2011


More on this later.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So we saved the world together for a while, and that was lovely.

I totally just realized why I have been so bummed out lately.


Seriously though, am I the only one?

I love Michael Emerson so much. So very much.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Update

Sorry for being so absent lately, I started my new job this week and I haven't had time to catch up on blogs in a long time! The job is going really well so far and I dig my hours. The fact that it's right around the corner from my house is an added bonus. We've been pretty busy 'round these parts. Watched season one of Modern Family which I love love love. I am so glad I finally got a chance to sit down and watch it. In fact, I found it on sale today for 19.99 so I picked it up along with season two of Parks & Rec for 9.99. This weekend we had about a million tornado warnings, so that kind of ruined best friend Friday date night. Instead we waited til the storms passed, Amber picked up Kyle & I and we went to meet up with Corey at Taco Bell & then went to pick up a few copies of Harry Potter (one for me and one for my grandma). Saturday we woke up early and cleaned the house, went over to visit my grandma and then I met up with Amber. We had lunch at Panera and saw Scream 4 which was quite possibly the worst best movie I've seen in a long time. The cameos alone were worth it. After the movie I came home and watched Harry Potter with Bun until Kyle got home from his parents house. So far today I've been to Target and out to lunch with Brian. So happy he came home for a bit this weekend. We had lunch in the beer garden at Dublin and caught up. Good times. So that basically covers the last few days. I know it's not very exciting, but it's been a good week. I'll be back soon with more fun updates. I promise. 


What have you guys been up to? Seen any good movies, read any good books?

Monday, April 11, 2011


Dear Nathan Fillion,
I adore you. 



Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things have been quite busy around these parts lately. My apologies for a lack of updates, I've just been trying to keep myself busy and not get sucked in to the internet which we all know is a very serious possibility. So to keep myself entertained I: planned all the things I want to bake in the next week (mostly just more banana bread and chocolate chip cookies), caught up on some television, spent lots of time with Bun, had brunch with Regan, read Bossypants, Girl & some other book I can't remember, ate several bowls of cereal, talked to my grandma a lot, went to Sarah's and had delicious hamburgers, hung out at Erin's, saw Paul (the was decent), and talked with my mom. I mean there were other things that happened, some things I'd rather not share but that's the gist of it. Currently Kyle is watching Hot Fuzz, I'm doing some detective work and Bun is tearing up a box with gusto.

Hope everyone has a delightful weekend. I'm hoping for a walk in the park, some brownies, a good episode of SNL & perhaps a tiny road trip.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Banana Bread

Kyle & I made the most delightful banana bread and it was super easy. If anyone is interested, I can provide you with the recipe.

Nathan Fillion approves.

So does Kyle.

Things To Do When You Are Unemployed:

-Eats lots of ice cream
-Take several bubble baths
-Spend time with your rabbit (or dog, cat, goldfish-whatever)
-Hang out in saunas
-Wash your hair
-Do all of your laundry
-Make CD's 
-Watch National Geographic or old episodes of Law & Order: SVU
-Call your grandma
-Sweep the kitchen
-Make cookies & banana bread
-Go through your closet and bag up things you no longer wear
-Make pillows with your old t-shirts
-Run up and down the stairs
-Load the dishwasher
-Rewatch episodes of Buffy & Reaper
-Work on birthday presents for friends
-Floss your teeth after every meal
-Take silly pictures
-Read Harry Potter out loud to your significant other (my friends think this is really lame but Kyle and I have fun switching back and forth before bed)
-Rent crappy movies 
-Check the mail several times a day
-Make grocery lists
-Read as many books as possible (I've read four since last Friday)
-Put together outfits for your first day back to work
-Make up silly dances

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baby I'm Howlin' For You

Things I love about this weekend (so far):

Gathering at Dublin Pub with the best of friends, ponyshoes, giving Kyle birthday presents, sleeping in til two, getting to wear an awesome dress, tracking down a comic book that I haven't been able to find anywhere, collecting things for crafting, lots of episodes of Reaper & How I Met Your Mother, text messages from long lost friends, raspberry mochas, Kyle suited up (suspenders or not), getting a new job, watching Whip It and testing derby names, cleaning house from top to bottom, warm weather, Little Saigon with Erin, quality time with El Bunstro, huge cases of Mountain Dew, telling Carl stories, making mix CDs, finding a Joe Meno book that was lost six years ago, and so much more.

(the dress)