Monday, April 4, 2011

Things To Do When You Are Unemployed:

-Eats lots of ice cream
-Take several bubble baths
-Spend time with your rabbit (or dog, cat, goldfish-whatever)
-Hang out in saunas
-Wash your hair
-Do all of your laundry
-Make CD's 
-Watch National Geographic or old episodes of Law & Order: SVU
-Call your grandma
-Sweep the kitchen
-Make cookies & banana bread
-Go through your closet and bag up things you no longer wear
-Make pillows with your old t-shirts
-Run up and down the stairs
-Load the dishwasher
-Rewatch episodes of Buffy & Reaper
-Work on birthday presents for friends
-Floss your teeth after every meal
-Take silly pictures
-Read Harry Potter out loud to your significant other (my friends think this is really lame but Kyle and I have fun switching back and forth before bed)
-Rent crappy movies 
-Check the mail several times a day
-Make grocery lists
-Read as many books as possible (I've read four since last Friday)
-Put together outfits for your first day back to work
-Make up silly dances


MJ said...

Swap 'law and order' for 'criminal minds' and you've got what I've been doing over study leave! Sigh...