Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things have been quite busy around these parts lately. My apologies for a lack of updates, I've just been trying to keep myself busy and not get sucked in to the internet which we all know is a very serious possibility. So to keep myself entertained I: planned all the things I want to bake in the next week (mostly just more banana bread and chocolate chip cookies), caught up on some television, spent lots of time with Bun, had brunch with Regan, read Bossypants, Girl & some other book I can't remember, ate several bowls of cereal, talked to my grandma a lot, went to Sarah's and had delicious hamburgers, hung out at Erin's, saw Paul (the was decent), and talked with my mom. I mean there were other things that happened, some things I'd rather not share but that's the gist of it. Currently Kyle is watching Hot Fuzz, I'm doing some detective work and Bun is tearing up a box with gusto.

Hope everyone has a delightful weekend. I'm hoping for a walk in the park, some brownies, a good episode of SNL & perhaps a tiny road trip.


cheyenne davide. said...

everyones allowed a break now and then :p no worries !

pangaloon said...

Yes it's true, we can all get sucked into the cyber world once in a while. My husband loves banana and chocolate loaf- he would eat a whole one for himself. Happy baking lovely lady xx