Friday, March 11, 2011

I Killed My Dinner With Karate

I am so ready for this weekend. It's been a blah sort of week filled with cold, windy, dreary days. I am so excited to see some friends, maybe catch a movie, & finish setting up the studio.

Today I paid off my Amazon card and then proceeded to buy five more books. What's wrong with me? We have already filled several bookshelves and I still have a couple of boxes of books to unpack. Oh well!

Anywho, this post was to let ya'll know I'm going to be a bit behind on today's 30 Days of Lists prompt: Date Night Ideas. I'll throw that one together tomorrow since AT&T is finally coming out to set up our cable & internet. Just in time for some SNL!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!



Annebeth said...

people are all hoarders. Some do it with books, I do it wish dresses. It's all sort of sick :(

Jessi said...

I am always buying book seven though I have stacks of them I need to read.. and Chapter's here lets you shop on line using your back account - more trouble for me!

And I missed SNL this week - was it good?