Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 11, Date Night Ideas & Day 12, Weekly Rituals

So, Day 11's prompt didn't do a whole lot for me, which is why this post is a few days behind.

As for date night ideas the only things I can honestly think of that we enjoy is spending time with our friends, cooking together, watching movies, playing board games (which we haven't done in ages), and taking little road trips (which we also haven't done in ages).

As for Day 12, well I have a lot of weekly rituals:

Saturday & Sunday:
-Catch up with TV shows I've missed
-Do all the house work (laundry, clean the bathrooms, carpet, kitchen, bedroom, etc.)
-Lately we've used Sunday's to unpack stray boxes & what not

-Every morning before work I get a 32 oz Mountain Dew to start my morning out right
-Pack lunch (I love packing lunches, saves so much money!)
-Monday night we watch How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, & Castle
-Spend a significant amount of time reading 
-Pay bills
-Write out to-do list's for the week
-Spend time with Bun every morning while I get ready for work
-Best Friend Wednesdays (which have been on hold for two weeks & I am ready to get back to it!)
-Thursday we like to watch The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Parks & Rec, Community & 30 Rock

Ok, there are like a billion more things that I do on a weekly basis, but I feel as if I bored you to death, so off I go to take a shower, fold some laundry and make some breakfast/lunch.

Enjoy the last bit of your weekends!