Saturday, March 26, 2011

Born To Lose

So things suck really hard here at the moment. Last night on my way home from work I received a call that my entire department was being laid off due to work volume. I am so incredibly bummed. I mean not only do I work my ass off, but I had really decent pay and I actually loved going to work every day. Now I don't know what to do with myself. I mean, Kyle and I just moved in to this new place and our bills didn't exactly go down, so I am really scared about not being able to pay my side of the bills. I don't like feeling helpless or lost, but that's precisely how I feel right now.

Words of wisdom anyone?



CAPow! said...

I know where you're at right now, I was just laid off two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I don't have much wisdom to share, so if you get some please pass it on!!

kirstyb said...

im sorry to hear that huni - everything happens for a reason though xxx

Celeste said...

I know this isn't the same, but on Friday my internship with an amazing magazine just ended. I was really upset because I worked my butt off and could have extended the internship, but the company decided to hire someone for cheaper. Being in these kinds of predicaments is always disheartening, but I'm confident that the future will brighten up. Hang in there, girl!