Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 25, Things I'd Rather Be Doing (Plus Some Other Junk) :

-Travelling (I miss getting to go on vacation, it feels like I will never get to take one again)
-Soaking in a bubble bath
-Getting a massage
-Catching up on books
-Watching TV/Movies
-Baking some muffins
-Hang out with friends
...and some lists I haven't had time to post:

Day 24, I Make Lists For:
(That's a cop out right?)
Ok, ok
-CD's I want to buy/download
-CD tracks for mixes
-Things I need to get done
-General planning

Day 22, Today I Saw:
-Kyle rolling around in bed
-The Bunster
-The newspaper
-Cloudy skies
-An email from my best friend

Day 21, Things To Do This Spring:
-Ride bikes with Kyle
-Plant a tiny garden on our balcony
-Wear skirts/dresses
-Watch True Blood
-Drive with the windows down
-Read outside
-Walk to the park with friends
-Take a mini-road trip
-Spring cleanin'
-Find a place to swim
-Learn my grandma's favorite recipes
-Camping trip

Day 15, Road Trip Must Haves:
-Rocky Horrow Picture Show soundtrack (my friend Rachel & I would listen to this album on road trips and dance the whole way to our destination)
-Fruit snacks (pom & blueberry)
-Trail mix
-Mix CD's (especially Gangsta Rap Volumes 1-4)
-Magazines (Bust & EW)
-Cash/credit cards for emergencies
-Bag full of clothes that I won't wear
-Shoes (all kinds)
-Moutnain Dew/water/juice
-Emergency kit
-RCR hoodie
-Car charges
-Excedrin/medicine in general

So, I think that just about catches me up on the lists I was missing, minus a few that I haven't had time to attempt.


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

haha i would rather be getting a massage too! thanks for your comment!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Anonymous said...

<3 road trip must haves: Mixtapes for sure :]

MJonas_ said...

your blog is so cute!
if you want you will be my follower!:)