Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today Was A Good Day (I Didn't Even Have To Use My A.K.)

Things that were awesome about today:

-Found out about a possible job opportunity that sounds right up my alley
-Got to use the sauna (twice)
-Spent some time playing with the Bunster
-Had the most delicious raspberry mocha concoction
-Acquired the new issue of Bust & read it cover to cover
-Went to Hooters with my two favorite ladies (the wings were horrible, but the conversation was good as always)
-Started reading a new book (Ten Miles Past Normal)

Yesterday was pretty awesome too, but today just put me in a straight up good mood. I finally saw Black Swan last night with Kyle & Erin and I really loved it. Everything about it. In fact, I would totally watch it again. Kyle & I also watched Tangled which was super cute. I don't generally get in to Disney movies these days (because I am almost 24, and I want to be a grown up someday), but it was so damn funny. Plus Zachary Levi. You just can't go wrong when he is thrown in to the mix. So, in all it's been a nice week regardless of the fact that I've been stressing about money and work and all that jazz. It's sort of like a mini-vacation. Tomorrow I have to go in to the agency I work for and fill out some new paperwork and what not, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get this job at the clinic. 

Until then, I got some books to read and zzzzz's to catch.



Abi said...

haha sauna... twice!!! like your style!