Monday, March 21, 2011

Roger Ebert's Film Festival

I was so stoked today to see that the line up for Ebertfest is out!

My boyfriend went to U of I in Champaign (College of Media), and he volunteered to work the festival last year, so we got to see tons of great movies. It was such a blast and I really hope we get to go back this year. The films we saw last year were: Song Sung Blue (beautiful and heartbreaking), Vincent: A Life in Color (I missed a huge portion of this film, but was able to sit through the panel which was fascinating), Trucker (I got to meet Michelle Monaghan, which was awesome-we talked a lot about Robert Downey Jr.), and Barfly. I almost peed my pants when Roger Ebert waved at me, but was shockingly cool when I met an actress I really love. If you live anywhere near Champaign you should really consider going.

This years schedule is:

Wednesday, April 27

Thursday, April 28
-Umberto D
-My Dog Tulip
-Tiny Furniture (I've been dying to see this!)

Friday, April 29
-Me & Orson Welles (also been dying to see this, plus Richard Linklater will be there for the panel!)
-Only You

Saturday, April 30
-A Small Act
-Life, Above All
-Leaves of Grass (fantastic movie)
-I Am Love (I've heard great things about this & Tilda Swinton will be at the festival, which is pretty cool even though she totally scares the crap out of me)
-Louder Than A Bomb

To find out more about this awesome festival you can visit the Ebertfest website right here.


Jessi said...

Leaves of grass was a great movie!

lolita said...

cool blog keep it up x