Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2, Things I Am Good At:

I haven't quite finished this yet, but here is part of my list:

-Reading & walking at the same time (seriously, people at work always comment about this as if it's some great accomplishment, but it's not)
-Learning new things
-Fixin' junk
-Quoting many SNL sketches & digital shorts (some sketches from way before I was born)
-Memorizing movie titles, plots & cover art (I worked at a movie theater in my teens, then two different video stores for several years)
-Giving advice
-Giving the cold shoulder (haha, Kyle can tell you this is very true)
-Making people laugh (normally by doing something really embarrassing, like wearing my Harry Potter blanket as a cape to the grocery store)
-Collecting random junk
-Taking care of the Bunster
-Researching stuff & things
-Changing my voice
-Gettin' shit done


...with ♥, SB said...

great list. makes me wanna think about what Im great at!