Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Take You Home

This last week has been so very busy! We've spent a lot of time packing which is kind of fun, honestly. I keep finding all these funny things people have made for me, and of course I have run across so many things I wish I hadn't held on to. Spent a good bit of time shredding old letters the other day. Anyway, we had a lovely weekend- Friday a big group of us (Amber, Mel, Brian, Kyle & I) went to Bloomington to see Against Me!, which was fun and awfully sweaty. Saturday Kyle & I went to Barnes & Noble and I could smack myself for spending more money on books. I have an awful habit of buying books when I should be saving money. Oh well. I just love reading! We also spent some time hanging out with Erin which was nice as we rarely get time to spend together. Sunday was more packing, cleaning and lounging. For Valentines Day, Kyle and I stayed in and watched all of our favorite shows (except for HIMYM), ate delicious grilled cheese sammiches & chocolate covered strawberries my stepmom made for us. It was really nice & relaxing. I also got some of my favorite treats (Hershey's with almonds and a huge bag of blue raspberry Sour Patch kids), a rose & a cute picture frame with some of our photos from Europe. He is such a thoughtful boy and I really do love him more than anything. I leave you with an old photo of us from Vienna, probably the day after I arrived and was horribly sick for three days. I look like I haven't slept in days. <3