Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Heard That Zombies Ate Her Brain

I am regretting the decision to pack up all my DVD's right now. There isn't much on yet and I've been off work for almost four an a half days now. 

Friday I spent getting a lot of stuff done packing-wise and caught up on a lot of shows that have been slowly taking over my DVR.

Saturday I was supposed to go to a yoga/vegetarian potluck with my mom and sister but forgot I had an appointment to get my hair trimmed, so I met them after for the potluck & we made a trip to Food Fantasies for some soaps and what not. Bre came home with me & sifted through all sorts of stuff that I was planning on donating. She ended up taking home ten bags of clothing, shoes, etc. Had dinner with the family and then came home and hung out with Kyle. 

Sunday was really busy and fun. We spent some time hanging out with our good friends & their adorable daughter Esme. One of my best friends was in town for her mom's birthday, so a few of us met up for dinner and went over to our friend Cam's later to hang out and catch up.

We had Monday off for President's Day which was fine and dandy. 

Tuesday was far less pleasant. I had an appointment for an EMG, which was rather traumatizing. It was a lot of shocking and placement of needles in my arms and hands (I have a serious needle phobia), so needless (hah) to say I was not into the idea of going to work after this. I figured I would be fine, but the process was quite long and rather uncomfortable. After the doctor Amber & I caught up on some television, had lunch at Cafe Moxo (we got these brilliant s'mores cupcakes), and went to the Elf Shelf. I got several awesome books that I am really excited about. One of the books I bought was part of a series I've been trying to finish so I was thrilled to find it for $20 off the sticker price. I also found some Buffy Watcher's Guides (I know, I know- I also have the scripts from Season 1), a few books that I loved when I was my sister's age, and a few other odds and ends all for under $30. Kyle & I have decided to dedicate a bookshelf in our new home to 'Books That Need To Be Read Before Visiting'. Anyway, in the evening we all packed up some of our kitchen doodads, which made me want to buy some new tea towels and pots & pans.

Today has been quite boring, but busy. I went to work in the morning but we were all sent home at noon because the work volume was just too small. I was really bummed because I need the money badly, but I figured I could use the time to do some errands. I went to the office to get some tax forms, went to the bank to change my address, picked up some medicine, had a visit with my old boss, balanced my checkbook, called my insurance company, and paid some bills. I feel so grown up! Kidding, I've been doing this for a long time but it still looks like a twelve year old boy inhabits my living area.

I guess I've rambled on for long enough and should find something productive to do with all of this time.